Resim Ofset was established in 1964 as a small volume packaging firm in Cağaloğlu. With the expansion of our business, we moved to our Topkapı plant in 1969 in order to serve our customers with the highest level of quality and efficiency that they demanded and deserved. 

We take pride in the fact that Resim Ofset has been a pioneer in Turkey’s printing industry. We were the first company that brought and deployed Control Panneled Offset machines, 4-6 Corner Gluing machines, 50x70 cm Hot Foil Stamping machines. We continue to be inspired by our pioneering spirit to push the envelope further and bring the state-of-the-art printing technology to Turkey. 

Given our continued growth and expansion of our business, we eventually out-grew our facilities in Topkapı. In 2000 we moved to a bigger facility and then to a significantly bigger integrated facility which was designed by us in 2011 located in Ambarlı. During this period, we gained an economical advantage in circulating boxes by shifting to a bigger size printing and became a preferred company with our experience especially for the value added boxes

We have become a recognized brand in the foreign markets with our packing experience of nearly 50 years as well as applying the latest technology in terms of the quality. The main business areas are; food (gum, candy, chocolate, wafer, biscuit, cake, soft candy, frozen food, Turkish delight, tea, coffee), detergent, tooth paste, cosmetics(perfume, care sets, hair dye), medicine, toys, cigarette and cigar, bearing, footwear and textile packages.